Curing Light

Curing lights

Light is a form of energy without which life on earth would be impossible to imagine. Every human activity demands the presence of light and some professions employ light as a driving source. One such application is by using a source of light to generate heat which is concentrated on a target area. Chemical engineering, polymer processing and medicine are fields that widely use targeted infra-red action of light. day light therapy is very popular for treating illness and sickness.

In the field of medicine, targeted action of light is popular with dentists. During the process of treating cavities or filling root canals, resins which are adhesive chemical compounds are used as fillers. These resins need to be compressed for maximum adhesive property so that the filling is not pulled out when the person bites into something. The compression must be such that the resin completely adheres to the inner surface of the teeth. Curing lights are used for this purpose.

A curing light consists of a source of light such as a halogen lamp or LED that is capable of precisely targeting light to the desired location. This light, along with other compression techniques helps in boosting the adhering property of dental resin. Traditionally, halogen curing light was used but improvement in medical electronics has popularized LED curing light, UV curing light and even plasma curing light.

Apart from the field of dentistry, curing lights find application in laboratories and industries when suitably modified. Cordless curing lights are by far the most advanced and convenient for professionals from all fields. With semiconductor technology being under the reach of common man, modern curing lights are accessible to both corporate and individual users, thereby aiding a new wave of revolution in the field of opto-electronics.

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